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  • 1-Quart Double Bowl Kennel Feeder, downgrade
  • 1-Quart Double Bowl Kennel Feeder installed on T-Kennel.

1-Quart Double Bowl Kennel Feeder

Part #D041.0017.107
3.00 LBS


Standard Warranty

3.00 LBS

Product Description

This durable Stainless Steel 1-Quart Double Bowl Kennel Feeder was designed to be part of our Swivel Feeder. However, there are slight dents on the inside of the bowls (see picture). 

You can use this feeder as a replacement for the Shor-Line Swivel Feeder or on its own attached to a Shor-Line or T-Kennel run. See the picture of the bowl set attached to a Double Decker T-Kennel. 


  • Stainless Steel yoke holds two Stainless Steel bowls. The bowls are riveted in place so the pet can't know
  • The Kennel Gear anodized aircraft grade aluminum bar mount with ½" thumbscrews attaches the feeder to the kennel.

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