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  • 3' Stainless Steel Assembly with floors and pans, Mobile
  • Close-Up of HDPE Floor

3-Unit SS Cage Assembly with Floors + Pans

Part #A902.0102.00
370.00 LBS


Standard Warranty

370.00 LBS

Product Description

This returned unit stacks three 36"W x 24"H Stainless Steel cages for three spacious living areas for medium or smaller dogs and all size cats. (Best practice is not to mix dogs and cats.) 

It also features floors and pans that make clean-up easy. The HDPE floors have small holes throughout the floor that allow liquids to drain through. The pan beneath captures liquids for easy disposal and spraying off. The floor grid also removes for hosing down and disinfecting.


  • Stainless Steel 1"-square tube frame for long-lasting strength.
  • Radiused hardware minimizes sharp corners.
  • Cage top, bottom and sides are one sheet of Stainless Steel.
  • Sound-dampening, durable latch with Acetal bushings.
  • One-piece door has welds at every intersection for durability.
  • Patented quiet-closing, polymer-encased Stainless Steel hinges.
  • Includes side panels for a finished look.
  • Sits on a mobile platform with 5"-diameter, locking caster wheels that make moving the cage bank easy.

This was only at the facility for a short time, but it may have had minimal animal contact. The customer wanted something different. Note: The picture shows the lockdown on the floors is only halfway. The shipped unit will have the lockdown spanning the width of the cage.


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