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Rehabilitation Products Added to Shor-Line Outlet

Posted by Holly Gibson on

Pet physical therapy continues to be a growing area that helps many dogs (and sometimes even cats!) recover from injury, surgery and disability. At Shor-Line, we became involved in this area several years ago but ended up deciding to focus on our core animal housing and surgery products.

The result is that we have excess inventory from our time carrying the popular FitPAWS product line. We are now clearing out our inventory at reduced pricing. For clinics looking to expand or start rehabilitation/physical therapy programs, this could be a way to jump start therapy offerings.

These are all new products priced to move. None have had animal contact and most are in original boxes. However, because this is a discontinued line, we are not offering a warranty. 

Great rehabilitation stories show that both rehabilitation and performance therapy will continue to grow and expand. FitPAWS continues to be a great resource for practices wanting to add these services. For veterinarians, physical therapists and veterinary technicians interested in becoming more involved in certified rehabilitation, the Canine Rehabilitation Institute is a good resource.

Check out the rehabilitation area of the Outlet to see compete listings. Choose quickly because supply is limited!