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The Anatomy of a Shor-Line Cage

Posted by Holly Gibson on

Shor-Line stainless steel cages (or kennels if you prefer!) have been a mainstay of Shor-Line's business for almost seven decades...and some of those cages are still in use! Most of our customers use the cages in banks that are either installed in an owner-constructed raised surface (shown above) or on stationary or mobile platforms.

Occasionally downgrade cages are available and listed in the Outlet. The illustration below shows a new cage as it would look coming out of the box. The durable components, such as the 1"-square tubing surrounding the cage, keep the cages in service for decades.

Note the special features we have designed for animal safety and cleaning ease:

  • Tighter spacing near the latch to keep pets from getting their paws caught.
  • Rounded corners inside to keep debris from collecting.
  • Fluid-retaining lip to keep urine and other fluids from leaking.
  • Quiet-closing hinge made from the same polymer-encased stainless steel used in space projects.

The kennels (or cages) listed on the Outlet often have some minor dents, scratches and/or imperfections; otherwise they are still the same high-quality kennels. The selection will change with availability.

For customers wanting to create a cage bank, Shor-Line offers platforms and wheels to make the banks either raised or stationary. If you aren't inserting the cages into a bank, then there are  top and  side panels to give a more finished look. These accessories are all an extra charge but many find these complete the look for their facility.

Our helpful sales representatives can help you mix and match kennel products to create your perfect animal housing! Contact them by phone, email or chat.