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The Evolution of the Shor-Line Outlet

Posted by Holly Gibson on

At least once a day someone calls or emails Shor-Line asking if there are any returned products, factory seconds or overstock cages, kennels or tables. We love the fact that people know that all our products are so durable that they stand up to literally decades of use.

Informally, our sales team has offered these types of products when asked. This year, we decided we needed to make these products widely available to the hard-working animal care community. So, we set forth to photograph them and put them on this website.

What we uncovered were gems of products that have a few imperfections but would serve someone well. Many employees at Shor-Line work animal rescue in their spare time, and we are eager for rescues to see the high-quality equipment they can acquire. You may find new items that were the last one or two left, so we stored them when the new models were introduced.

So, browse our Outlet. Let others know it is here. And most of all, let us know what you want to see. We want to be responsive to your wants and needs.

For our customers in rescue and pet adopters, let us know how we can help. We are open to your ideas as we develop some programs.

Enjoy our Outlet, and tell your friends!!