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  • Cat perching on bench in top unit can see out the window.
  • View of top pass through with opening to vertical pass through in open position
  • Hinge
  • Outside view of window on Feline Comfort Suite, but this shows right hand side. This unit will have window on the left.
  • Feline Comfort Suite, 30"W, Full Grill Door, 2-unit.
  • Bottom unit resting bench and hiding space
  • This is the black tape that is on many of the units.

Feline Comfort Suite Assembly, T Class, 30"W, Left Window

Part #T923.0030.01
500.00 LBS


Standard Warranty

500.00 LBS

Product Description

Beautiful and durable, the Feline Comfort Suites are the newest feline housing line from Shor-Line. Made from a fine-celled foam board that is created from extruded PVC, the units are impervious to moisture and strong for the durability you expect.

These units were part of one of our first installations. The purchaser returned them to upgrade to the newest Feline Comfort Suite model. So, there are lots of built-in, extra-premium features. In our later Feline Comfort Suite versions, we spread the hinges further apart and we changed the built-in latch. Note: The latch sold with this product needs to be closed to a click because it can remain unlatched, risking feline escape. As a best practice, we recommend inserting a carabiner to ensure complete closure.

These units have had animal contact. This unit has a retail value of $2,266. It is being sold "As-Is", with no warranty. This unit is 30"W and can be place on a mobile or stationary platform for an additional cost. For an additional cost, you can also combine this unit (T923.0030.01) with a matching unit that has the top window on the left hand side (T923.0030.02). Ideally, you would place the units together on a platform (extra charge) to create a 60"W assembly with four spacious openings. 


  •  Top Unit:
    • Built-in resting bench, 28"W x 11"D.
    • Viewing window (16"W x 9L) at top right lets cats sit on the resting bench and view their surroundings or attach a flat-screen TV for viewing.
    • First generation inset lockable latch. See caution above.
    • Injection-molded fiberglass-reinforced nylon thermoplastic polymer hinges.
    • Bottom pass through option. The 11"W x 9"L opening allows cats to jump from one unit to another. Or you can lock it down for cleaning or to provide separate living areas.
    • Vent (4"-diameter) allows air to move out. This is a passive system, but it is possible to connect to your system to make it an active ventilation system.
  • Bottom Unit:
    • Combination resting bench in hiding area. Built-in resting bench, 28"W x 11"D. Beneath it, there is a 15"H hiding area (11½"W x 12½"L) gives the perfect place for cats to relax.
    • Top pass through allows cat to move between the upper and lower units. Lockoff is located on the lower unit.
    • Same latch and hinges as on the top unit.
  • Special Considerations:
    • The previous owner used double-sided black tape to attach a flat screen TV to the window. This comes "as-is" (see picture). We can remove the tape and tape residue for $30 per single unit or $50 per double unit. Note: a citrus-based cleaner will remove the tape and residue with some careful scraping with a plastic or rubber scraper.
    • Kennel workers need to use care in closing the cages and not "hanging on them" because this original prototype has a narrower hinge spacing. Note: if the cage hinges do break at some point during your ownership, call tech service at Shor-Line and you can purchase additional replacement hinges at a reasonable price.

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