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Warming Pad, 120V, refurbished

Part #R912.1000.05
10.00 LBS


Standard Warranty

10.00 LBS

Product Description

This is a refurbished Warming pad unit, which means our technicians have replaced any internal controls or cords with new parts and tested them to make sure they function like new.

Our warming pad is UL/CSA listed, giving you confidence in this thermal support unit. We designed it to fit into 24"W and larger cages to provide thermal support in post-op, critical illness or other situations. It provides lots of safety features:

  • The heating element automatically warms up (about 15 minutes) and maintains a factory-set temperature.
  • The controller offers three timed cycle setting options--60- 90 and 120 minutes.
  • The alarm helps you monitor the patient. A series of low beeps sound starting at five minutes before the end a cycle. Then, the pad shuts off.
  • If the pad is unplugged or overheats, then an alarm sounds and the pad cools down.
  • Comes with a 2-foot cable. For an additional charge, you can purchase another 2-foot extension.
  • The controller mounts to the cage with a Stainless Steel clip.

This product has a Category II warranty. The photo shown is of a new product and the product as you might use it in a cage. The refurbished unit may have minor scratches or imperfections.

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